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We are expertum Belgium.

We make in industry. As a specialist.

For the past 30 years we have been uniting the best professionals with the most attractive jobs of the industry sector and helped our valuable clients find the best staffing solutions. Established in 1987 in Germany, we have since made quite a name for ourselves in the domestic technical blue-chip industry and engineering sector, with a focus on the chemical & pharma, aviation, engineering and automotive sectors.

Wherever there are technological challenges, expertum is involved. Now in Belgium, too.

Duration of partnership

av. 7,5 years.

Time of placement

max. 60 days

Recommended by people

> 90%

As one of the Top 25 specialists of the German staffing industry and as a part of the multinational Asap HR Group, our market entry in our neighbouring country Belgium in 2022 fulfills our goal to reach 10 international markets in 10 years. Based at our Belgian domestic head office in Antwerp our consultants are close to the events of local industry businesses and monitor when relevant projects unfold and progress. We maintain excellent relationships with our skilled employees, and due to our discipline-oriented approach, all our staffing requests are fulfilled within maximum 60 days.

Expanding to different markets is one of our characteristic traits: Great involvement in local businesses to deliver high added value. Just that little bit more than you probably expect.

Industry leaders believe in us.

Top vacancies are our promise.

Attractive jobs. Valuable clients.

HR Business Partner H/F

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Project Manager H/F


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Electrical & Automation Specialist H/F/X


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Responsable Technique Industrialisation H/F


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Coordinateur Hygiène H/F

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Manager Maintenance H/F

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Ingénieur de Projet R&D (H/F)


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Planificateur des transports H/F

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Chargé d’Affaires B2B photovoltaïque H/F

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Technico-commercial (Installation Thermiques) H/F

Province de Liège

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Our services.

Facing the industry. Promoting you.

Our personal involvement means that we know what’s going on. We work for market leaders in the most ambitious industry and technology sectors and maintain close relationships with all our professionals and clients. We understand our professionals’ skill sets and challenges as well as what they seek from a next project challenge – and we promote both.

Headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and active in Germany, Poland and now Belgium (Antwerp), we offer qualified staffing solutions and attractive career opportunities within the technical blue-chip industries and its valuable market leaders. Under the roof of the international operating Asap HR Group our German heritage identity is formed through three main brands and business units that together represent 50+ domestically anchored sales branches across Europe. We focus on three HR service segments: Temporary and permanent staffing (Vast/Tijdelijk), project sourcing as well as high-volume solutions (Managed Staffing Solutions). Dedicated units also operate within specific market segments and skill roles (Recruitment, Search and Selection, Executive Search).

All of our services are thereby based on the international framework of staffing, SIA and the legal requirements given by the domestic tariff association, the BAP (Bundesarbeitgeberverband Personaldienstleister) in Germany and FEDERGON in Belgium.

What to expect at expertum Belgium.

Making the difference.

Forming the future.

Different working oppurtunities.

Thousands of skilled professionals work for the expertum group each day. Trust, commitment, and a human-centered aspect of growing together are key in this respect, workplace safety and swift payment equally so.
Our opportunity portfolio boasts the biggest challenges and clients in the market. On whatever basis you work through expertum Belgium, you always contribute to attractive projects that really make a difference.
Find out more about how our contractual options set us apart.

360-degree Service orientation

Professionalism and Specialists within attractive Industry projects.

Every day, our valuable clients kick off dozens of new attractive projects with new positions for you. Thereby we ensure continuity through a steady stream of new projects at attractive salary options and multifaceted benefits. We’ll also take care of all the paperwork for you – leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best.

Career path.

Just starting? Then in our eyes, you’re the future! At expertum we are happy, willing and able to help you spend these important years to your best advantage. Discover the job opportunities that suit your ambitions and gain experience with market leaders across sectors and industries. Since flexibility is often expected of you, you can expect it from us: flexible hours; jobs abroad and close to home; company car or public transport card. Let us talk about what works for you. Explore your young professional growth path at expertum Belgium.

Opportunities tailored to your career.

Promoting you. Become a member of expertum Crew.

As an expertum colleague, you’re usually employed by expertum and work on the most important projects of today and tomorrow. Find a challenging position that’s perfect for you – and let your personal expertum consultant get a head start on finding your next step as well.

Our clients say yes to working with us.

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“The expertum group played an instrumental role in the development of Our Center of Excellence by Recruiting and integrating outstanding candidates tailored to our company.”

Reference from DAIMLER AG International, now Mercedes Benz Group AG.

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Say yes to us, too.

Tailored to solution.

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    We grow by professionalism, liability and continuity.

    Our drivers. Our brand promise.

    The world faces great technological challenges and high-tech sectors are coming up with solutions big and fast. expertum specialists work conclusively for the most valuable blue chip market leaders on the most inspiring projects. Thereby expertum (Europe) is tied 7,5 years in average together with +500 costumers in HR Business partnerships and harkens back on nearly 40 years of recruitment and staffing experience. Furthermore we have direct proximity to Europe`s most important markets, more than 35000 European professionals and work on a Asap HR Group shared-service mindset to understand the regional and domestic heartbeats. Through the idea of growing together we put you on assignments that propel you forward – in business and career. Our commitment is to find solutions that suit you.


    We are keeping promises towards clients and candidates at any time. As part of a multinational Powerhouse, we stand for professional, flexible and fast personnel solutions. Our entire teams in Belgium and throughout Europe are constantly hungry for challenges, making the impossible possible. We overcome hurdles, are always focused and successful with what we do. We organize, monitor and manage our staff and their qualifications for the specific industry sectors and across projects. We think in terms of solutions, not problems, because satisfaction is the key.


    We say what we do and we do what we say concerning our offer to work with us. Liability is the key and conclusiveness is our factor of success and initial playground for future business development.
    We are always credible towards our stakeholders making them part of our everlasting retention and alumni spirit within business and career. Our intention is to power our clients with qualified and fitting candidates bounded to our DNA and always excited to work with us.


    Half work is not for us. We build long, stable relationships in which we really get to know our stakeholder. We care about each other, our talents and clients, and always go the extra mile. Our aims are built on our duty to find tailored solutions for fair budgets, recruiting and retinting the most qualified and best fitting prime candidates in the qualified industry sectors and the white-collar level. Our prime candidates and people at work are always ready to labour and well equipped bounded to our DNA and company spirit.
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